Fortinet received the highest scores in three of the five use cases in the Gartner® 2022 Network Firewall Critical Capabilities Report

Use case scenarios: enterprise data centers, distributed enterprises, and smes

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Fortinet Security Fabric: A new paradigm for building enterprise Security architectures

Fortinet Security Fabric Security architectureContinuous risk assessment and automatic adjustment provide comprehensive real-time protection across the entire digital attack surface and cycle。


Fortinet安全织物安全架构是由新葡新京十大正规网站支持的业内出类拔萃的Network security平台,具有丰富的开放式生态系统,是建设Network security网格CSMA的最佳范式。织物实现了跨越整个数字攻击面提供统一的安全能力,包括硬件,软件,及跨网络与终端及云的X-as-a-service在内的混合部署,实现了无缝互操作性,完整的可视性和颗粒化控制。


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